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Safe Berkeley

With over 84% in favor, Berkeley has voted YES on Measure ii for Greater Police Accountability!

Amidst the groundswell of calls to re-imagine policing and public safety, Berkeley voters have approved a significant step forward for community oversight of law enforcement. 

This Charter Amendment on policing will ensure:

  • An independent Police Accountability Board and a Director of Police Accountability (replacing our weaker Police Review Commission)
  • Authority for the Board and Director to obtain all the police data they need to do effective oversight.
  • A better process for thorough and fair investigating of police misconduct allegations
  • A formalized role for public input into police policies and hiring of the Chief of Police 

Every resident of Berkeley has the right to feel safe and to be treated fairly in interactions with police. Yet police records and an outside review show ongoing disturbing racial disparities in treatment, especially of Black people.

Greater community input into police practices and policies will increase trust and foster true public safety. 

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Campaign for a Safe Berkeley Yes on Measure ii, P.O. Box 9631, Berkeley CA, 94709